Friday, 16 May 2014

Brief About Us

Into the wild

Pahang is home to many diverse species of wildlife and plant life. However, these species need your help.
SASET works tirelessly to conserve these species, through the preservation of their natural habitat and food sources, to educating and empowering the local communities to appreciate and protect their incredibly diverse range of plant and animal life.
The Malayan tiger was once hunted as people believed it to have medicinal benefits. By educating local communities and working directly with the people who live in these areas, we can make a real difference to animals such as elephants & rhinos that, without the support of people like you, could already be extinct.
As a partner scheme to this, SASET is delighted to be involved in the Turtle Conservation Sanctuary in Tioman Island. This project has been fully supported by the Pahang Royal Family, and volunteers from the local community work tirelessly to ensure the survival of these beautiful and rare creatures. For as little as RM50 (£10.60) you can support one of the most beautiful and diverse areas of the planet, and the people who live there.
Even better, you can know that your money is getting directly to where it can help the most people, no red tape and no politics. With a donation of RM1000 (£209) you will receive a certificate of donation, which you can display with pride, knowing that you are supporting not just one, but thousands of people and animals.

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